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Project Financing

Looking for Financing for Your Business

We at Advance Consult Ltd. helps our partners determine their own capital requirements based on the funding requirements of the growth plan.
Our process includes identifying of all investment process in your very particular financing needs identifying resources/programs to meet these needs, presenting the pros and cons of financing programs, and following through until financing is secured through private investment funds or banking facilities.

To secure financing, companies must present their project, what resources they have to finance the project - asked is always between 20% to 30% of the total needed volume, as well as potential outcomes of the project in terms of number and quality of jobs created or retained over the last three years.
Existing companies should also have three years worth of financial reports ready, existing and start-up companies should have three years of projection prepared, and closely held companies should have personal financial statements prepared.
Advance Consult Ltd. can help you identify and package the right financing that will help your company start business or grow.

We are in the good position to create economic opportunity by lending needed capital and providing entrepreneurial coaching to small or middle range businesses in almost any industry, also we offers you a variety of programs to help finance your business.

Before you bring the project evaluation by the responsible institution or bank our team will present and defend it before you.
We will defend to the Bank project, if you need initial financial resources for its implemitsentation.
If you decide to work choose Advance Consult Ltd. to be your partner, we having known the process in details, will definitely save the time and efforts you would make for preparation of the documentation. We will be with you through implementation, management and reporting of the project to ensure its viability and successful completion.
We know how to structure the best financing tool to support your projects.