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Capital restructuring

We help our clients experiencing short-term difficulties with its liquidity or facing financial distress or bankruptcy. Our team brings together financial and operational experience to provide holistic restructuring measures aimed at stabilising the business in the short-term and pursuing medium-term restructuring and growth, improve capital structure, secure refinancing of existing obligations, renegotiate with suppliers and creditors, implement operational improvement initiatives, and others.

We work closely with other professional firms, such as lawyers and financiers, to ensure that all eventualities in distressed situations are properly considered and addressed.

We ensure financing for our clients from a broad range of private and public financial institutions.  Based on our well established relationships with leading financial institutions, we are able to structure and present our clients' cases to banks, private equity funds, institutional investors, and also high net worth individuals.

Our experience and specialists enable us to tailor solutions to the individual circumstances and needs of our clients.

We provide the following capital restructuring services:

      • Developing and implementing restructuring proposals;
      • Restructuring existing debt and equity;
      • Inter-creditor negotiations;
      • Business planning;
      • Out-of-court transactions;
      • Representing buyers and sellers of distressed companies;
      • Bulk sales of assets;
      • Sales of performing and nonperforming loans;
      • Business and securities valuation;
      • Structuring, negotiation and confirmation of plans of reorganization;
      • Corporate viability assessment;
      • Litigation support and expert evaluation;
      • Prenegotiated plans of reorganization.

If you decide to choose Advance Consult Ltd. to be your partner, we will be with you through the full process of finacial restructuring to ensure an optimal capital structure for your businesses and make your company more efficient and more profitable.