Due diligence


Advance Consult is there to help you navigate the myriad of strategic alternatives from identifying potential merger or acquisition targets to closing the deal.

Advance Consult's services include advice on all aspects of mergers and acquisitions, including the one of the most important parts as Due diligence. We offer to our partners the following types of due diligence advisory services:

Preliminary due diligence includes establishing a contact with the target company. Our role is to review financial records and provide the potential investor or purchaser with critical information, either to confirm representations made, or provide feedback to renegotiate the terms.

Detailed Buy-Side or Sell-Side Due diligences:

• financial due diligence;
• tax due diligence;
• commercial due diligence;
• operations due diligence;
• legal due diligence;

We have in-depth knowledge in the field of tax legislation and long-term experience in financial and tax analysis of trade companies and businesses (due diligence).

Financial and tax due diligence is our core type of service offered in terms of transaction advisory services. This involves a review of the past performance of the business and its future prospects.

A professional financial due diligence will identify issues for the buyer which he shall consider in their deal negotiations so that appropriate actions can be taken such as: price reduction, amendments for the integration process or funding arrangements.

A professional due diligence by Sell-Side can be used when a seller has a good quality offering and is expecting lots of offers, but is not prepared to go exclusive with one potential purchaser too early in the process.

The principal benefits to the owner are: to reveal any significant issues at an early stage , to reduce the time needed to complete the transaction and helping to speed up pricing decisions.

We support our partners also with Legal, Commercial, Operational and IT due diligence services for acquisition and merger transactions, including transaction restructuring and risk assessment.

What finally Our Partners get?

• Professional evaluation of the financial aspects of a business combination and hence added value in its business and/or investment;
• Fast closure of the transaction with minimum time spent by the Partner’s key managers;
• The best possible transaction structure to minimize risks and expenses while achieve its goals.

Advance Consult’s team has resources to ensure our partners the best due diligence services.