Business planing


Advance Consult is a professional business plan consulting firm that helps companies develop banks or investor oriented business plans to move up the road towards a successful financing and capital or strategic transaction. We help our clients in developing detailed, realistic business plans, financial projections, selling memorandums, investor presentations and other supporting materials to successfully present their company to:

• Banks and Leasing Companies
• Commercial Finance and Factoring companies
• Corporate and Strategic Investors
• Strategic Partners
• Private Equity Funds
• Merger or Acquisition Targets
• Venture Capitalists
• Angel Investors

Since 2001 Advance Consult has worked with entrepreneurs and executives in a wide range of industries, and with companies at nearly every stage of development. We offer professional preparation of business plans for start-ups and existing businesses that are looking for financing, entering new markets, introducing new products, or restructuring.
Our business plans tailored to your individual needs with absolutely realistic financial accounting section, prepared in accordance with IAS / International Accounting Standards /.

We can also tailor our services to meet your preferences and budget:

o Full Service Planning: We will help you optimize your strategy, research and analyze your market and competitive position, and create a clear and completed business plan to articulate your opportunity.

o Limited Service Planning: If you are on a more limited budget and have the time to conduct the majority of the research and writing, we can guide and prioritize your efforts; supply templates and other helpful materials; and critique, edit, and format your drafts.

In both cases our Business plans are covered fully the requirements of banks and investors, and contain predicted performance and financial reports that are entirely mathematical and accounting and financial dependents.