Bank credit


The very time when the business grows and needs extra resources comes. If this applies to you too and you would like to realize your ideas, do not hesitate and contact us!

We work together with banks as we provide mediation between creditors and borrowers help to accelerate and streamline the process.

We consult our partners to ensure financing for their investment programs or expanding their business.Our partner benefit from the advantage of being to them through each step of the process.
The goal of Advance Consult Ltd is to ensure of your partners the most appropriate and profitable credit facility according to their capabilities and requirements. To assist in renegotiating existing loans with better terms or finding a bank with better conditions for refinancing.

Refinancing is a financial procedure with proven effectiveness. It allows borrowers to adapt to changing conditions in the banking market and thus to benefit fully from competition between credit institutions. Through rational and well thought refinancing your current financial obligations kreditopolzvatelite may exercise sufficient control them effectively, and realize a significant reduction in their monthly costs.

If you decide to work choose Advance Consult Ltd. to be your partner, we having known the process in details, will definitely save the time and efforts you would make for preparation of the documentation, business plan, choice and negotiations with the crediting institution.

We will find the best credit facility based on your specific financing needs.