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Mergers and acquisitions

Advance Consult is an independent advisory company in mergers and acquisitions of businesses that include resorts, manufacturers, constructors, publishers, contractors, retailers, distributors and professional firms.

Our team has extensive experience, working on more than fifty transactions in the last five years. Moreover, each of the team’s members has extensive experience in corporate and business tax matters, including acquisitions, dispositions and mergers.

We are well positioned to lead our clients through the entire process: from market research, to establishing contact with potential targets, due diligence, valuation and analysis, negotiations, coordination of the work of related parties (auditors, lawyers and financing institutions) and transaction closing.

Due Diligence: We provide comprehensive due diligence services to help you access the validity of the financial information that the selling company has presented to you and assist you in evaluating such information.

Valuation and Analysis: We assist you in analyzing the key success variables: management, services, reputation, market share and location. We evaluate historic data and help to prepare financial forecasts.

Negotiations:We help you put together a strategy and assist in negotiations throughout the entire process.

Attorney Consultation:
We make sure the Agreement is structured to assist you with your financial and tax planning needs.

Financing Alternatives:
As part of a comprehensive business plan, we may help formulate financial projections to be discussed with banking or other financial institutions to choose the best financing options.

After Contract Completion:
We assist you in setting up financial reporting and accounting systems, make recommendations regarding business structure and tax planning.

Sale of a Business:Services for selling a business parallel those for merging with or acquiring a business in many instances. These include business valuation to establish a fair and reasonable price, negotiation assistance and offer evaluation, drafting Purchase and Sale agreements.

If you decide to work choose Advance Consult Ltd. to be your partner, we having known the process in details, will definitely save the time and efforts you would make for market research, to establishing contact with potential targets, due diligence, valuation, analysis, negotiations and signing of Purchase or Sale agreements.

We know how to determine the viability of a business and how to structure the best Purchase and Sale agreement that benefits you.